Why should you hire me?

1. A passion for photography. I LOVE it! The science of it, the people I meet, the experiences it brings, the creativity in the process, the photos I create, the environment of it, being in the studio, being on location, sharing what I've created, seeing what other people have created, learning more about it. Yeah, I LOVE it!

2. Experience. I started shooting with film (there weren't digital camera at the time...) and began experimenting with digital photography in 1998. (Switching over to full digital in 2003.) Unlike many "photographers" today, I actually understands f-stops, ISO and apertures. I know I'm getting a "good shot" without having to check the back of the camera.

I also wrote the book on posing, literally! You can get a copy of The Model Posing Guide for Fashion and Glamour Photography on Amazon!

3. Business focus. Not a GWC! (guy with camera) - I am focused on doing business and act like it. Photography is my personal passion, but YOUR photos are my business and they are treated that way; taking them, processing them, printing them, and storing them.

4. Simplicity. I'm technically savvy enough to understand computers, physics and most geek talk; I also understand that simple is better. I want your experience with me to be as easy as possible, so complicated knowledge is not needed to understand what I'm saying, what I'm doing for you or how much it's going to cost.

5. Equipment. I've got it. Cameras, lights, stands, gels, more lights, umbrellas, reflectors, softboxes, backdrops, and more lights. I'm stocked with the right equipment for all kinds of photo shoots!