Makeup, clothes, and getting ready

photo of model putting on lipstick

 Makeup tips:

  • Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual.
  • Avoid frosted lipstick as it shows up very light in photos.
  • Blush and eye makeup should also be applied slightly heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.
  • Eye shadow should be a shade lighter so that the eyes are brought forward.
  • An application of matte powder keeps the skin from appearing shiny.

 Clothing tips:

Stripes, busy prints and patterns should be avoided as they draw attention away from the subject (You!) In general, Blacks and Whites should be avoided also, unless you are having Black and White photos taken. If there are two or more people in the picture, dress in similar or complimentary colors. Light colors are best with light backgrounds and fair complexions. Darker colors look better with deep backgrounds and dark hair or complexions.
Consider the season for outdoor photos:

  • Shades of white, yellows, khaki and salmon work well in the spring and summer
  • Burgundy, golden yellow, brown, tan, and gray are nice in the fall and winter
  • Blues work well all year.

It may sound strange, but when wearing tight clothing, plan on leaving the underwear in the changing room. Underwear colors and patterns show through lighter clothing and may create lines, bumps or bulges in the clothes being worn.

Also, check your shoes and socks to make sure they match!

 Getting ready:

Don't make any changes to your appearance just before getting your photos done! Perms, hair color changes and haircuts should be done well enough in advance to make sure you're happy with the result. Doing any of these the day of your shoot is a recipe for disappointment! Avoid tanning for the week before your shoot too!

Manicures are recommended for everyone and if you're planning on taking off your shoes, a pedicure would be in order too! (You can do your own manicure if you want!)

Depending on the photos you are having done, hair removal/shaving may be needed. Shaving should be done 8-16 hours before the shoot, but if you're waxing it should be done at least 24-48 hours before the shoot. This will give your skin time to heal and red marks to fade.