How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer

I hope you will be choosing me, since you're here on my site, but here are some pointers on choosing a Boudoir photographer.

Start by asking yourself these 3 questions:

First, what is your budget?

Second, What do you want in your photos? (Besides you!) In other words, What do you want in the background? Do you prefer photos done in an environmental location, like your house or a hotel? Or, do you want to use studio backdrops and props? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You may feel more comfortable in your own home and the photos are more personal. In a studio, there may be a greater range of choices, such as props, lighting and backgrounds. (But not all studios necessarily included a bedroom set either!) Also, some people feel more 'exposed' in a studio than they would at home.

Finally, what do you want as a final product? Do you want a framed print to place above your bed? Or, a small album of photos to give to your loved one. Do you prefer Color or Black and White?

Since your already here, I'm guessing that you've probably given at least the first item some thought. The Second item will limit your choice of photographer somewhat as not all photographers do studio shoots, or travel. (I do both by the way.) The third item will help you identify who's work you like and whether or not you are going to be able to stay within your budget.

Making a choice

Finding a boudoir photographer is a relatively easy thing these days as the Internet will give you hundreds of results. (You probably won't be asking friends and relatives for recommendations!) Don't be afraid to look outside of your local area as some photographers will travel to you or it may save you money driving to them.

You want to identify the safe boudoir photographers and the best one that fits into your budget, since you want to do this once and get it right the first time! On photographer websites, look for the photographers real name, a phone number AND email address. If they have their prices listed, are you comfortable with the prices? (Take a look at mine for a reference.) Prices are often the second biggest deciding factor. If they have sample images posted, are you comfortable with their style? Do they offer the studio or location shoot that you want?

You should be able to set up a pre-meeting with the boudoir photographer you choose to see his/her work and more importantly, see if you're comfortable with them. This is also a good time to tentatively reserve your shoot date too, but don't feel that you have to.

Here's a little checklist to go through when meeting with the photographer:

  • Do you like this person? (Biggest deciding factor!)
  • Do you like his/her work?
  • Do they have a studio to shoot in OR will they come to your location?
  • How does he/she feel the photography should be done. Does this agree with you?
  • Can you provide instructions on what you want captured?
  • Can they help you with posing?
  • What is their photography experience?
  • How long have they been doing boudoir photography?
  • How much does he/she think you will spend to get what you want?
  • After the shoot, How and when will you receive your proofs?
  • Is any retouching is included? If not, how much does it cost?
  • What is the turn around time after ordering prints?

Remember that you've invested your time as well as the photographer's in meeting with him/her, so if you feel good about the photographer, then make a deposit (if required) and relax knowing you have made a smart and well informed decision. (If you want to think about it, that's okay too!)