Boudoir FAQs

First, let me tell you...

The Elegant, Tasteful, Beautiful, Sensual YOU is what boudoir photography is about. It is an experience, a memory and a gift to share and treasure. Some things I would like you to know about boudoir photography before you go any further:

  • This is not something that happens quickly, two hours or more is highly recommended. You need time to warm up to the camera, time to change outfits and time to play with your settings. This is NOT a portrait session!
  • Don't worry about your weight! A few extra pounds does not matter!
    Don't worry about that bruise, wrinkle or blemish! Your ordered photos will be retouched!
    Don't worry about posing! I'll give you a 5 minute run through on the basics and will help you through the entire session.
    Instead think about what you are going to wear! Start planning your outfits now! Go shopping, buy lingerie, and buy shoes. Have it all available for your shoot. Whatever you don't wear, return!
  • Start thinking about what YOU want your photos to look like. The Internet is a great source for sample images to print off and bring to your shoot. Magazine clippings too! Just be realistic about your expectations - If we don't have a 4-post bed where we are shooting, there won't be one in the photos!
  • Only shoot in your home if your house is clean, empty of children, has some room to move around in and your furniture is in good shape! Otherwise choose the studio or a hotel room for the best results.
  • Hotels offer some fantastic settings. You can often request a room specifically for boudoir photos to be done in. Your office, boat or barn are also great choices.
  • You are also not limited to one session. Several clients have done 2 or more sessions to take advantage of different locations.

Okay! On to the FAQs!

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is French for bedroom; Boudoir photography is the art of capturing intimate and romantic images usually meant as a gift between lovers. Traditional Boudoir photography, as the name implies, is done in a bedroom setting. However, Boudoir photography can be whatever you wish it to be. You might know boudoir photography as glamor/glamour, risqué, or sensual photography.

Whatever the name, you may choose to look anyway you like, in any setting you like, from the very mild to the very wild. The style can be sensual, suggestive, sexy, or playful and can be done with the subject in pajamas, lingerie, semi-nude, or fully nude. Covered or implied nudity is also an option. You can wear or not wear whatever you like. Nearly any idea is possible and you can combine a variety of moods and images during your session. You can use tasteful props like roses, pillows or feathers to enhance the feeling of romance or you can use stuffed animals to make your photos playful. Whatever you choose, your photos will be personal and private, and your session will be a fun and pleasant experience.

What happens at the shoot?

After introductions and getting set up, I'll go over the general flow of a shoot and answer any questions you might have. We will cover some posing basics and may go over various poses you'd like to try. When you're ready, we'll start shooting. We will do around 25 to 30 photos of you in each outfit/location and then you'll change. That might sound like a lot, but you'll be surprised at how quickly we finish. You should be able to do 6 outfits in 2 hours time, some people squeeze in 8!

How long does it take?

Your photo session should last about two hours. Actual shooting time will vary depending on set up time and how quickly you change outfits.

What planning should I do before hand?

Have your outfits picked out a day or two in advance. Have a couple more outfits ready than you plan on doing. That way if you have a last minute 'wardrobe malfunction' it won't be a problem. Plan on eating something so you have energy for the shoot. Make sure your hair and makeup are done in advance of your sitting.

What are my photos going to look like?

That's for you to decide. Your photos will, of course, be of you. Most people choose to do photos that would be acceptable to show to their mother or closest friends, but some are just to show to your SO. The photos are intimate and tasteful, but that's to YOUR taste.

Is there an Age limit?

While boudoir photography is limited to those 18 and over, there is no upward age limit. Of course, you will most likely never look younger than you do today!

Do I need to "look like a model"?

No, Most people are not models, but everyone has their own beauty! Lighting, props and other techniques can used to accentuate your positive features while hiding or down-playing your less favorable features. Don't worry if you are a bit nervous - It's normal, expected, and Okay!

Where do we shoot?

Usuallyin your home. However we can shoot just about anywhere you'd like, including your office, boat, or outdoors. A hotel room is a great choice if you are not comfortable having me come to your home but want a more bedroom-like setting than the studio (or if you don't feel like cleaning the house just for your shoot!)

Are photo sessions private?

YES, only you and those you tell will know. Only those you show the photos to will see them. Occasionally, I might have a professional assistant present, (with your permission,) but there is no extra charge for this.

Can I bring my husband/boyfriend/chaperone?

You are welcome to bring a guest to the shoot, but I don't recommend it. Almost everyone is a bit nervous at first, but most people lose their nervousness and are very comfortable in the first 10 minutes. AND, I can almost guarantee that your guest will be totally bored in the same amount of time.

Can I split my session?

Yes! You are welcome to split your session with a friend as you'll both feel more at ease if you can talk and make suggestions with each other. There is only a $10 fee for splitting the session to cover the cost of the separate USB drive for the second person.

Do you supply clothing?

Unfortunately, I would need a very large inventory to have outfits for everyone and in every size. Besides, you will want your photos to be personal so you should use your own things. Your loved one's favorite outfit is a good start. See the preparing to shoot page for ideas and suggestions.

I know I'm going to be nervous; Can I have a drink during my session?

I don't mind if a client has a drink before or during a shoot as long as you are NOT driving after the shoot AND you do not drink too much. If you appear to be drunk (or intoxicated in any other way) at any point during the shoot, I will stop the shoot and leave. I know that you have decided to do the shoot in advance, but do not want you to do something that you are not truly comfortable with.

Email us with any other questions you may have - Be sure to leave a discreet way of getting back with you if this is going to be a surprise gift.